10 Tips To Lose Weight
10 Tips To Lose Weight

Today I am filming a fitness article for you because fitness is such a huge part of my lifestyle. I have partnered with Lifesum to share my 10 tips on how I stay fit or lose weight. Obviously, pick and choose what tips work for you.

These are all personal for me and they work with my lifestyle. So yeah, we’ve got 10 of
them so let’s get cracking. So when I’m really actively dieting,I like to set a specific
time on when I have my meals.

So it’s not like right on the dot but generally, within that hour, I’ll have a meal. So for breakfast, I’ll have it around 9:00 to 9:30 a. m. This is usually after my workout. For lunch I’ll aim it around 1:00 to 1:30and then I’ll have a snack around 3:00 to 4:00and then for dinner have something at 6:00 o’clock.

lose weight
lose weight

I really like this system because it makes sure that I don’t skip any meals. I have learned that I do not do well when I skip meals because I end up being super ravenous by the next.

So by spacing everything out within four hours am just constantly content with what’s in my belly. Tip number two is to use a food journal and I’ve been loving to use this nutrition focused app called Lifesum.

I’ve been using it for a couple months now and it’s been amazing to track down exactly what I’m putting in my body. I love that it makes me more knowledgeable about nutrition and it gives me feedback so I can make more mindful decisions in the long run. A lot of the times I never remember what I eat. Like, honestly, it’s kind of like a blur. So when I stop and I become conscious of what I’m putting into my food diary.


So let’s say I have a bag of hot CheetosI’ll log it into Lifesum and I’ll see exactly what I have put inside my body. It makes me more motivated to make wiser decisions for the rest of my day.

So if I’ll have hot Cheetos I’ll make sure I balance it out with something more nutritionally dense for the next meal. If you wanna lose weight and see the results quicker, diet is honestly the way to go.

It’s the most effective way to lose weight and if you are unsure of what is inside things and you’re not really conscious of the different nutritional facts that foods have, Lifesum is a really great app that does that. Because you can really see everything. It’s beyond just like calorie counting.

You could see like how many grams of fat and carbs and protein is in the different types of food you’re eating. And so by keeping a record of that, it just helps you be more aware and I feel like it helps to see the progress a lot quicker. I always make time to exercise. When I was first starting off was maybe going two times a week.

But now I can comfortably go four times. Honestly, it just makes me feel so good after I go to the gym and I think it’s really important to find an exercise that you enjoy. So, if you hate running on the treadmill, don’t do it. So I’ve learned that I freaking love group classes you’ll see me at Barry’s Bootcamp. You’ll see me at Pilates. Any high-intensity interval
training class, I am there.

And it’s because it makes me really excited to go. I like to knock out my exercise the first thing in the morning because when I wake up, I’m groggy, I just want to just get it out of the way so I’ll wake up, I’ll put on my workout clothes and drive straight to the workout class.

And I’ve come to realize that the hardest part about working out is getting there. So when you wake up, just quiet those thoughts of like, no, five more minutes. Tell those thoughts to shut up and you’re getting to the gym because you will like it after.


best Lose Weight
best Lose Weight

Like, I’ve never ever regretted working out and that’s something that I always tell my mind. Especially when I don’t wanna go. I think it’s because I just feel this huge rush of endorphins after and even if I’m having a really bad day that day if I had gone to the gym or I exercised, a part of me feels better.


I think it’s because I did something good for myself. After I exercise I’ll always make sure to log it because I am proud that I got my butt to the gym so I’ll record it and it’ll just use that data to show the rest of my day and what it’s gonna look like.

Empty calories taste the best but unfortunately, they’re exactly like the name says, they’re empty, they don’t do anything for you and honestly if I’m gonna eat something I kinda want it to benefit in some sort of way. And when I am really trying to like actively lose weight, I will make sure that I don’t eat anything that doesn’t give back to me.

So I’ve kind of trained myself at a young age to not crave soda. If you’re craving something fizzy or something with a little kick, I highly recommend La Croix. Some people just don’t like it but I freaking love it. It’s like a low calorie, or it’s like a no calorie, fizzy drink that is essential with flavor and I love it.

If you can’t stand the taste of water I highly recommend you just essence your own water. You just cut up some cucumber, some lemon,maybe some strawberries. Put it in your water and you’ve got something fun to drink that is good for you and without all that sugar. Cooking at home is another tip to ensure that you eat healthily.

When you don’t have any food at your house and you are starving, Postmates starts to look very very tempting and you end up just ordering a lot of food that you don’t need. When you already prepare something in your fridge, whenever you’re hungry, you have that as an option. A great thing to do when you’re cooking is to make a big portion and just keep it
in your fridge at all times.

One of my favorite recipes to use is one I found on Lifesum. It is this really delicious green bean and chickpea recipe. And I love that there are so many other recipes that you can find on the app but this is just one of the ones that I have just been constantly going to. I keep it in my fridge so whenever I’m hungry I just make a little portion for myself and I’ll eat it.

I love to snack and one snack that is just like my absolute weakness is chipped. If there are chips in the pantry I will eat every single bag until they are gone. So that’s why I don’t keep hot Cheetos in my pantry because they will all disappear.

So if you happen to have a sweet tooth and you can’t control yourself around ice cream it’s probably not a good idea to keep ice cream in the freezer because you’ll end up just eating it.

When I have a craving and it’s been like a week since I’ve had it I’ll just go physically to the store get my allotted amount and I’ll finish it then. Now this next tip is to stop
eating at a certain time. And I only follow this rule when I’m strictly dieting.

But my cutoff is 7:00 p. m. And for me, this worked because I normally fall asleep around 11:00 to midnight so 7:00 is the sweet spot for me. I do this because when I have midnight munchiesit’s never you know like I wanna indulge in carrot sticks.

I always want something cheesy, something greasy. So when I have this rule it just cuts everything off and cutting off the kitchen at that time just really helps me realize like hey, I have to wait until morning.

One tip that I do after dinner is I’ll just brush my teeth so that way it just caps everything off and I will have to wait the next day to eat again. Now cravings will always come. And cravings are weird because a lot of times you don’t know what it is like are you actually hungry, are you bored, do you wanna be stimulated? So what I do when I have a craving,I first chug a bunch of water.

I’ll wait like 10 minutes and I’ll see if I’m still hungry. And if I still am and I realize that I’ve eaten maybe a couple hours before and I shouldn’t eat until my next meal will start engaging myself in an activity that requires my hands. And my favorite activity is to clean.

I will start wiping down the tables. I will start vacuuming. I will start folding clothes. And I’ll do that for 15 or 20 minutes and if I am still hungry after that then I’ll have a snack. But usually, seven out of 10 times, I am over my craving and I’m just happy that my house is clean. It’s like a good habit to have.

You’re clean eating and your house is clean. It’s great. When I was at my heaviest weight, I loved getting seconds. It was truly second nature to me.

I would have my first plate as my appetizer and my second plate to just fill in all the cracks and that would be my main entree. I had to stop this habit because it was always putting meat a point where I was just so full after every meal.

I like to stop eating right when I am content. I don’t want to be slammed and full like there’s no room in my stomach because that wayI’m not gonna maintain my figure. So I have trained myself to resist the surgeon getting seconds and that is by being patient.

After you have your meal, wait for 20 minutes and then you will see that you’re not hungry anymore. You are satisfied. It takes like awhile for your brain to realize and catch up with all the food that you’ve been eating. Resisting the urge to have seconds was so hard for me.

It felt like a freaking Jedi mind trick. But I’ve learned that patience is key when you’re dieting. Especially when you’re not crash dieting. It’s gonna take some time to see progress. So you gotta be patient about it. My last tip is to recognize that the first two to three weeks are gonna be the most difficult when you’re dieting. Your mind, your body, your stomach.

They’re all adjusting to this new structure and our brains, they love routine. They just like to keep things the same. So that’s why it’s so hard to adjust to a new one because your brain is just resisting to the new change.

But the more that you stick to your guns, the better and easier these habits will become ingrained in your life. The mind is so cool because I think I read 40% to 50%of your day is just on autopilot and that’s what you want. You want these tips to be so ingrained in your life that you’re not even thinking about it. It just becomes something that you do.

It becomes a habit. All right guys, those are all the tips I have for you today. I wanna stress that you should really really edit this list to suit your lifestyle so if that means just incorporating three in your life, great.

There’s no need to bum rush all these 10 tips into your life and like beat yourself up if you don’t follow them perfectly. Life is not about that.

I still want you guys to have a really healthy relationship with food because life is about enjoying yourself and experiencing new tastes and if you wanna have that chocolate cake, you should eat it. You should indulge when you want to indulge only you know your body the best. If you would like to try Lifesum yourself, please use my discount code JENNIE for 30% off your subscription offer. I will leave all that information in the down bars please go check that out.


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