steve jan SK II
steve jan SK II

This week I’m doing something special,  I’ve been with a skincare company called SK-II for 14 years.

And today I going to do a four natural step to make you look even more beautiful.

Yes and he’s an anti-aging expert, and I get a lot of requests for anti-aging facial stuff, so he’s going to show us how to do it.

Okay so first step is we’ll want to cleanse Yasuko’s face, and since we don’t have water here I’m going to use the lightweight toning lotions, and that will remove her makeup right.

And ideally, you want to apply cleanser to wash your face is the best. What I do I like to put it on the cotton and lightly swipe like this way. And we’re going to leave the eye makeup alone, so we’re not touching our eye makeup.

steve jan use SK II
steve jan use SK II

Well, I have been using the SK-II. So I’m going to clean this. I’m going to clean the other side real quick. For skincare, the most important thing is your cleansing you don’t cleanse your skin correctly the skincare will not go in deep enough and do what it’s supposed to do.

And we learned that especially in the U. S. people are so busy and they don’t take time to wash their face. So taking time to wash face is very important. I’m guilty of that. You’re guilty of that. Just a little bit more.

Make sure you completely clean. How’s that feel? That feels good. And you have dry skin or oily skin? I have a combination, but I think lately it was getting drier. Getting drier. I think it’s because of a pre-menopausal. Hormonal.

Yeah and the weather we’re live in California it is a little bit drier so. So that we clean the face, wipe the neck. Now we’re going to move to the next step. After cleansing the front, the first product I recommend Yasuko to use SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. And this is the product I have been using for 14 years.

It indeed is fantastic that you use couple drops on a cotton pad, and then you press on the face for one minute the entire face. So we’re going to do half the front to show you guys before and after a little bit. As you press, you want to see the water essence on the skin like this. You’re supposed to feel very hydrated as you press in there. Yes.

And you’ve been using the substance. Yes. Yeah, it feels good. Feels good and ideally, you want to use this after toner before your treatment. And what is in this Facial Treatment Essence. It’s the ingredient called Pitera that was discovered about 35 years ago in Japan.

And scientists that visited sake brewery noticed that a worker has a noticeable line wrinkle on the faces but the skin of hands are very smooth. So he discovered when they’re making sake, the side is immersing in that liquid.

steve jan SK II
steve jan SK II

So he thinks that fluid may be the reason why they have a beautiful hand. So they studied the fluid for over five years. It turned out the liquid naturally contained all these good vitamins, amino acids, and minerals in there. So he named the liquid called Pitera, and that becomes secret key to the beautiful skin 35 years ago. And that’s what SK-II stand for. Okay. Interesting story. Yeah very interesting.

And that you can see the skin with the essence and without the heart. Mmm yeah, it feels yeah hydrated here already. So now let me finish the other side of the surface, and it’s useful to like pat it? Or press it in? Press in there. The reason why is our skin naturally creates a barrier that’s what you see outside.

And as we age, we don’t renew the skin naturally, so there’s a lot of dead skin on top. So when you apply skin care a lot of time, they don’t go inside. They sit on top. So essence, when you press, it’s forced to go in deeper.

In fact, the Essence is very, under the microscope the very similar to human skin cells. So when I press they go in deeper. I see.

So they do a better job. Here’s around the eye area too. More you do, better your skin is going to look. Okay. I want to show Yasukoa little tip here.

Sometimes you get dry on the cheek area. After the cotton pad, don’t waste this. Put this right here that’s a little mini mask. Okay. Nice. Few minutes. Okay. Like it. Because Yasuko told me that you worry about aging, so we’re going to show you this protocol R. N. A.

Power Essence and what the serum is going to do for you is help you plump and hydrate your skin, reduce pore size and excellent line and the biggest thing I want to show is that, when you use a bottle like that, you must use the whole dropper.

A lot of people use one drop. Right. That’s not enough. Okay. So use a lot. You have to use more yes. I see. You would want to pat around the skin like that. And this I’m going to embarrass myself.

You are a massage expert, so I’m going to show you what we do but probably not as good as what you do. Well, I’m not an esthetician. I’m a massage therapist. I don’t massage the face. So we want to glide upward the skins I touch your skin.

Honestly, your skin does feel a little bit drier. Yeah and it’s essential when our skin feels dry, you must hydrate the surface before you put anything. Because if you don’t hydrate it, nothing is going to work underneath the skin. Just like that.

Very simple. Drinking too right is essential? To hydrate from the inside. Hydrate the skin. See that’s it. Very simple. Let’s move on to the next step. Okay. After the serum, I recommend you start with a moisturizer so I’m going to use the SK-II R. N. A. Power Cream but I want to be honest with you I’m not saying you have to use SK-II skincare.

You can use any skin care you like, but a trick is that to find the skincare that addresses your skin concern. So for example, you worry about anti-aging. So all your skin care should be anti-aging. Okay. Don’t by brightening.

That makes sense? Okay. Yeah, that’s the most significant mistake people do. They bought a wrong product for the skin. I see. So I’m going to put a little bit. Put a lot. Your skin is dehydrated. Okay. So after that, we’re going to glide to the surface. I’ll leave the eye area alone because we’re going to apply eye cream later so.

See I said I glide the skin. I’m not pulling the surface, so that’s good. If you remove the skin cause more wrinkle. Mmm. Yeah, I sometimes get the question that you know face massage isn’t it wrong because you’re pulling a skin uh-huh oh I see.

So that’s how you do it. Okay. Very simple. You glide over. I glide over yes. See Voila. Fast and easy. Let’s finish the last final step. To complete your skin care ritual, I want to end with eye cream.

And a lot of people would cause a ring finger to apply eye cream. I want to show you my little tip right here. The best way is to put eye cream on the back of your hand. Okay. And you massage til there are no colors.

Once there is no color you pat around the eye area using your ring finger. The reason why is if you put eye cream direct on the skin, it’s too much cream on the surface, it can cause little milia all of the small bumps. So this way you will not have that issue.

And then if you’re worried about aging, you can glide but see I’m not pulling your eyes I’m going to fly. Okay. See this you have to be very careful with this one because if you remove the skin, you’re going to get more wrinkled than ever.

So that’s the key you glide over. Yes, so once again an eye cream should do the jobs. Just make sure it’s for anti-aging. And worry about puffiness and dark circle, you don’t want to buy eye cream. You want to eye gel. Because that you need a message to reduce puffiness and dark circle. So you use the eye gel.

And you asked me earlier about if you concern both anti-aging and brightening what do you do. Yeah. Honestly, one for a day and one for the night. Okay. The reason why is that you can’t put too much product on the face.

Anything more than five, six that’s just too much and skin won’t even absorb. So I would do anti-aging at night, brightening in the daytime. And how often do you recommend you do this? Like every day? Skincare? Yeah. Day and Night. You’re so cute. Be diligent.

I mean you don’t if you don’t have the time you donated to massage. I pat it on. This is okay but if you have time massage a little bit. Yeah okay. So that’s it that’s your little four-step skin care. Easy. And it feels amazing.

It felt so like hydrated and plumped yeah than ever before so yeah this works. So thank you very much for doing that facial the anti-aging facial. Yes. I feel so plumped and hydrated, and it’s just amazing.


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