How to Clean Baby Eyes
How to Clean Baby Eyes

This article is about massaging blocked tear ducts and cleaning mucky eyes. Mucky eyes are something I’ve had to deal with a lot with all five of my kids. They’ve all had these icky and mucky eyes when they were born.

And with my first child, I found this very troubling because I would go to wake him up after a nap or mainly in the morning and his eye would be so dry and so crusty and so mucky that he Wouldnt even be able to open it.

So I had to learn how to deal with this. And I had to do a little bit fact-finding, and what I found out was that this is an entirely reasonable thing because in the early weeks of a baby’s life the whole operation by which the eye cleansers itself is not yet fully developed.

How to Clean Baby Eyes #3
How to Clean Baby Eyes #3

So the eyes aren’t draining correctly and what you need to do to encourage that
Is to try to open up the tear ducts gently. So check with your pediatrician and ask him
What you should do if you have these mucky eyes to massage the tear duct. This is what
my pediatrician told me to do: he said me to take a clean finger, even my pinky finger
Or my fourth finger, and to gently place it-I’m going to show you on the baby and me-
to kindly put it right here in the book where that blocked tear duct is and massage
gently in a counter-clockwise fashion.

Not for too long and to do this twice a day in the morning and at night and this, he told me, would encourage the tear duct to open up and to allow the eye to drain correctly. So here I go on myself, you sort of gentle massage like this, it’s best to do this when your baby’s asleep by the way.

And let me show you now on my favorite baby Emma. With her, I’m going to use my pinky finger, no nails allowed for this ladies and your finger has to be very clean and again, check with your doctor, but get your finger right in there in the nook and go around gently in a counter-clockwise fashion.

How to Clean Baby Eyes #2
How to Clean Baby Eyes #2

So that what you can do to massage a blocked tear duct. Now usually tear ducts resolve themselves around nine months of age. But in some cases, and this happened to me with my first child, this doesn’t happen.

And the child continues to have this very mucky and irritated eye, you know with puss, and it looks gross frankly, and so if this is the case with your child you need to have this looked at because you might have to have the duct surgical opened. And this is what happened with my first child so at 15 months of age had to have surgery and they surgically began the pipe. He never had a problem after that and it was a quick thing, and it went fine, and it wasn’t such a big deal. It was a little traumatic though. So that’s what you have to do down the line, but in the vast majority of cases from what
I understand this is something that resolves itself on its own.

Okay, in the meantime when I have a very young infant, what do I do to clean these mucky eyes? Now what you need to do is get some cotton balls and get some sterile water. You wet the cotton balls and you gently clean from inside to out to dislodge this muckiness. And you have to keep going over and over again and again lightly until it’s all over and done. Do not use wipes; they have too many chemicals you don’t want to put that near your baby’s eyes.

How to Clean Baby Eyes
How to Clean Baby Eyes

So here are some cotton balls, let me make sure I’ve opened the bag, use one. If you’ve been using it a lot, make sure it’s clean. So I’m going to dip this in my sterile water, and I’m gently going to go from the inside of the eye to the outside of the eye, back and forth, again and again, just dislodging that murkiness that my baby’s eyes are freed up of that. Okay, so here I go with my little Emma from the inside to the out. Not too hard, I’m not pushing too hard, and it just takes a while because it can get very, very crusty. And
that’s all you need to do. And at some point, I would move to a new cotton ball.

I want to make sure it stays nice and clean. So those are the basics of massaging the tear ducts and cleaning the mucky eyes. Good luck with all of this. It seems very intimating
at first, but you’ll get the hang of it, and most cases all of this will resolve itself very early on in your baby’s life.


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