Jon Butcher Tips
Jon Butcher Tips

So guys, I have something to share withyou. When I saw this picture, it blew mymind. I did not believe it was real butwhen I realized how real it was, thisparticular picture of this man, thisgrandpa Jon Butcher, a guy in hisfifties with four kids, two and a thirdgrandkid on the way, this particularpicture, let’s put up the picture righthere.

This picture blew my mind because it shows Jon in peak physical state at 29 and how at 49, 20 years later, he barely seems to have aged. Jon, like most men, like most women, as I turned 40, I started worrying about my body, I started thinking about my life at 50 and60 and looking at my parents’ generation and thinking about how my body was going to break down.

When I saw that picture, it was a paradigm shift. It made me realize that I was buying into a societal rule, a societal bullshit rule that may not necessarily be true. And I think that picture is going to shake up a lot of your belief systems as well, especially when you realize that this man JonButcher is a grandpa. You areone of the fittest granddads I’veever seen. What’s the secret? Well, I’ll tell you but you won’t likeit. Diet and exercise.

Thatis the truth, but there’ssomething deeper. Here’s what I talked about in that blogpost that I released to the Lifebookcommunity.

I never set a goal to be in great shapeat 54 years old. I never set that as agoal. I’ve always worked on my health and fitness, but I never was like, when I get to be 55. . . Never did that. What I did was, I installed good habitsin my life in my twenties and I ran thosehabits through my fifties.

How To Slow Down Aging
How To Slow Down Aging

It’s as simple asthat. You have to figure out what a healthyplate of food looks like, generally. What a decent exercise program is for you, usually, and then literally I worked out, you know, five or six days a week for 30 years. That’s how you do it. Not everyonewants to hear that but that is, that isthe truth.

Now, everybody knows how to getin shape, Vishen. Eat right and exercise more. That’s how to get in shape, that’s not world-changing news, and of course, you can spend your entire life studying those two things, but that’s the bottom line and pretty much everybody knows it. This is something we talk about prettydeeply in Lifebook’s 30-day challengethat we made for Mindvalley.

The key tothe health and fitness category is yourpurpose. It’s not the how everybody knows the ‘how,’ it’s the ‘why.’ So for me, connecting deeply with my purpose was what made it so that I was disciplined for 30 years and just did my workout.

It was, it wasn’t, it’s never been for me, should I workout today or shouldn’t I? It’s a given. I don’t have to ask thatquestion. It is a part of my lifestylebecause my purpose is so strong. My intention is the relationship that I want to have with my wife. Our sex life. We want to beturned on by each other.

I want to set agood example for my kids. I want to beable to climb Machu Picchu and haveamazing experiences. I am so dialed in tothe reasons that I want to be in goodshape that it’s easy for me to do thethings that are required to be in goodshape and it’s also relatively easy forme to avoid the things that are going totake me in the wrong direction.

Missy and I don’t live like monks, wedon’t live on fruits and berries. Weparty, we have a good time in our lives. We don’t deny ourselves anything that wereally enjoy: sugar, alcohol, caffeine.

Wedon’t deny ourselves anything, but we’resensible. We’re moderate. We enjoyeverything in moderation and that’spretty much it. The key is the habits that you put in place and then being true to those habits, and the way that you’re going to make sure to get that done is to have a strong purpose. That’s what always comesdown to.

The purpose is the critical ,you’re right. One thing that shifted my treatmentof my body. When I was in my twenties and my thirties, I was not in the best physical shape. Today at 40 I am fitterand I have a better body than I did almost 15years ago.

It’s true. So my purpose shiftedwhen I heard about an article publishedby Singularity University that said thatmedical science is adding three months to ourlifespans for every year we livebetween now and 2030.

So between now and2030, you’ve probably added an extra threeto four years of your life. So theaverage American lifespan wouldn’tbe 75. If you live to 2030, you’d be like79. But it gets weirder.

Medical science is are progressing at an exponential rate. Between 20-30 onwards, SingularityUniversity says that we’ll be adding oneyear to our lives for every yearlive you live. Now when I did the math, Irealized that I wasn’t going to live tothe average-developed world lifespan for a malewhich is about 77.

I’m actuallygoing to live to be a hundred. If you’re40 today, more than likely you are goingto live to be a hundred. So 40 isn’t eventhe midpoint of your life. Retirement? Why do we even think about retirement? Because if like most successful peopleyou’re living in a job that is fueled bymission and purpose, you don’t want toretire.

That’s exactly right. Another study byGallup shows that people who are livingtheir mission work well into theirnineties. So that became my purpose.

I wanted to have this body fully fueled, ready to do what I needed to do so I could play with my grandkids great-grandkid. I could live my purpose when I’m a hundred, and that fundamentally changed the way I approach my health.

That’s great. So it is vitally important that you start asking yourself these questions and thank you for sharing that, Jon. The purpose is the key. Any final tips? One last tip is this, over the last twenty-five or six years that Missy andI’ve been married, we’ve done these little episodic sprints or challenges.

So we’re going to go to Hawaii, we want toget great in shape. That’s a month ofhardcore, you know, we’re going to do somevideo shoot or pretty much anything youcan think of where you havesomething that you’ve got to get inshape for. We probably do one of these ayear, where we stay in pretty good shapethroughout the year but then at leastone time we’re going to be pushing forsomething specific.

Got to have a photosession or whatever it is. That hasbeen awesome in our lives. For instance, the picture thatyou just put up there. That wasa two-week training that I did and I’vedone a number of things like that overthe years. That just kind of pushesyou forward a little bit extra andso that’s a good tip.

Right, I love that tip. I’m on a challengeright now: Wildfit by Mindvalley. So there are multiple challenges you can put into your life to continually keep you at your peak physical state but thank you. I hope you’ve enjoyed this content training and I hope it’s shifted the idea in your mind that purpose is indeed the secret to help and defy aging. Thank you. Thank you, Vishen.


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