Mens Skin Care
Mens Skin Care

Now. . . It’s been a hot minute since I’ve done an updated skincare routine. I showed you, Tiege Henley, a little while ago. . . that was good stuff. Today I’m gonna be running you through a little bit more of my skincare process and just some of the products I have been using recently.

So my face routine usually starts out with the cleaning my face up with the shave. Some people like to wash their face before shaving, I like to shave first and then wash my face after. You wanna plug warm water in your face. . . It makes it feel nice.

That’s the main reason. Also, warm water opens up your poor and makes it for an easier shave. So I’m just using a simple shave gel that turns into a lather. . . After you rub it into your hands. There’s definitely better stuff out there for your skin. My skin doesn’t get irritated easily so this is just really convenient but. . . I know many people don’t like it.

It works for me, it gets the job done. . . This is what I need. I actually just shaved yesterday, so I’m just pretending this whole time. I don’t really have anything to remove. The razor that I’ve been using recently is like this 360 Pro Gillette. . . I forgot the exact name, but I’ll link it in the description. Honestly, it was pretty expensive and I don’t really need this.

Mens Skin Care #2
Mens Skin Care #2

I just bought it ’cause I got sucked into the marketing :D. But I do recommend however the Dollar Shave Club, I used them like 2 years ago. . . Solid razors in a very affordable prize. But this is what I’ve got for now. I recently went to a salon convention and got a bunch of free samples from the British Barbers Association here, ’cause I live in the UK.

I would be using Tiege Henley but I’ve run out so I don’t have anymore right now. Also in my last skincare routine – absolutely ages ago – I used the Spin for Perfect Skin, however, I moved to a new country and I lost it so Vanity Planet hooked me up with their ultimate Skin Spa system. . . It’s pretty serious. And as a name suggest – this thing packs a pretty serious punch.

Vanity Planet is the sponsor for today’s video so I’m gonna show you what I do. So it comes with the daily cleansing brush, the exfoliating brush and also a silicon brush.

Normally you probably start with the daily cleansing brush but my face wash includes exfoliate or built into it, so I’m gonna go straight in with the exfoliating brush.

Now. . . You can either apply your face wash directly to the brush or you can apply it directly to your face and then use the brush afterward. I like to apply it directly to my face because I feel like it’s just a little bit more evenly distributed that way.

So – face first and then a brush. A couple of cool benefits of this – spinning thing actually cleanses up to 6 times as well compared to manual face washing, so you gonna need some extra cleaning action in there.

I can feel the tangles. . . It actually feels really nice. And also it’s waterproof, so if cleaning your face in the shower is your thing, then that’s not a problem. Simply gently run the brush in the circular motion – this is the most effective way of cleaning and will also prevent damage to the bristles themselves.

The cleaning off – just *bub* – pop that off and rinse this up. So your face might be a little red after you use it but I mean. . . I just exfoliate so what do you expect?Feels really soft. The silicon brush takes it a step further and it’s meant to be used for even deeper cleansing. This is especially useful for those of you who deal with dryer skin or when you try to remove dead skin.

My dry skin is on my elbows so there’s where I like to hit the exfoliating brush. Jake. . . Can you come and exfoliate my elbows?JAKE! You’re not doing it right! Thanks. I’ve got a pretty insane discount for this – 70% actually.

So if you wanna take full advantage – be sure to check out the link in the description and get this system at a hugely discounted price. Now usually I use this product right hereI’m in my office right now and I forgot it from home but it’s a little bit like an anti-aging serum and it kinda tightens the face together.

I covered more of it in this video right here so if you want some more information – be sure to check that out. And then as the final step – as you guys probably know – little bit of moisturizer. So because the soap can be dry for your face – to prevent that dryness or calm that down a little bit – I’m going over with some facial moisturizer.

Another tip that everyone can do for cleaner skin – you probably heard this before – consume more water. Water plays a huge role in flushing out your system. Flushing out your system prevents your pores from clogging up – this resulting in a cleaner, clearer complexion on your face and everywhere else.

Ok, guys – before signing out some super exciting news – we are getting really close to the launch date of fifth sample Styling Mass pomade by Bluma. This is the limited edition version. I don’t have the exact date yet but until then – we’re giving away some really cool hair health prizes – if you check out the description – it’s gonna include some limited edition jars and some other stuff.

All you gonna do is sign up with your name and email and winners will be announced November 16 – that’s this month. That’s like – very soon. And the winners will be announced through email so be sure to keep your eyes peeled to your email to see if you won some healthy hair prizes.

More info on the pomade coming in due time – don’t you worry. Until then – 70% off discount for this face cleaning system right here – first link in the description down below. Thank you guys¬† – that’s all I’ve got to say this week. Until next time. . . Have a good one. I’ll see you later.


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