Is to have your lips exfoliated. No one wants dry, chapped lips, but instead
of spending a fortune on expensive lip scrubs make it at home! First, you’re gonna need to grab some sugar.

Then add some honey. Mix it welland then apply it on the lips this is going to scrub off all of that flakey dead skin, and it tastes delicious! If the first scrub is a little too messy for you, I got you covered.

Another easy way to exfoliate those lips is to apply some lip balm and then with a clean disposable mascara wand or spoolieGently brush away all that dead skin now your lips are ready for any product, and it’s going to enhance that smile! Now that your lips are in check, let’s tackle that teethbecause without them there wouldn’t even be a smile like to keep my teeth pearly white by using my favorite whitening toothpaste which Colgate Optic White Platinum High Impact WhiteI use this twice a day in the morning and night and it helps me achieve a brighter and bolder smile that helps me stand out! It protects my enamel and contains anti-cavity fluoride protection now my breath is minty fresh, and my smile is ready to go!I’m a bit of a caffeine addict, but unfortunately coffee and tea are notorious for staining your teeth.

Hacks For Your Best Smile #2
Hacks For Your Best Smile #2

Not a good look. So the next time you grab a drink always make an effort to use a straw. If want to be more environmentally conscious invest in a metal one. One trick I like to do before I add any lip colors I always like to use a little bit of concealer or foundation all around my mouth. Any discoloration around there can distract the lip color and your smile. Applying a light layer of concealer will ensure your smile gets its best start.

Also by using this technique, you’re able to get the exact color of the lipstick as it does in the packaging because you’re giving it a neutral base. Another trick I like to do to make me smile a little bit brighter to grab some highlighterThen with a fluffy brush I dust some on my cupid’s bow.

Hacks For Your Best Smile #3
Hacks For Your Best Smile #3

If you watched any of my makeup tutorials, you know that I never skip this step. It just gives the illusion that your lips are fuller and adds a little sparkle on the lips which is a nice touch.

If you’re wanting your teeth to look extra white try using a red lipstick with cool undertonesBlue and orange are opposites, so the cool tones cancel out the warm this clip, I’m wearing a lipstick with orange undertones, and as you can see it’s bringing out more of the yellowness on my teeth this clip I’m wearing lipstick with cool undertonesSee? Lipsticks that have a blue base will help cancel out any yellow on your teeth give it a go! If you want more of an innocent smile opt for the gradient lipThis was and is a huge beauty trend in Korea, and it’s so simple to do.

Hacks For Your Best Smile #4
Hacks For Your Best Smile #4

All you have to do is apply concealer all over the lips. Then apply a light shade of pink or whatever light shade on your lips then grabbing a deeper shade of pink, I’m going to apply onto the inside of my lips and then slowly dab it all out. It’s very subtle and innocent, and it gives off the “I just finished my popsicle” look.

Glitter lips are trending right now, but they’re not as functional in real life when you’re using large glitter particles. An easy way to incorporate this glitter lips trend into your daily life by grabbing a glitter eyeshadow you have in your makeup collection and then after you apply the lipstick, gently press it onto your lips.

It’s going to give you that slight shimmer, but without the choking hazard. The last tip is something you should do if you want to avoid a situation like this. Every time you finish doing your lipstick keep it off your teeth by pointing a finger in your mouth wrapping your lips around it and then pulling it out.

This is going to ensure that you don’t have any lipstick on those pearly whites. So those are my ten lip tips on how to get a brighter smile.

If you have any lip tricks or hacks that make your smile a little bit wider feet free to write it down in the comments down below would love to read about it!


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