23 Foods To Make You Look Younger
23 Foods To Make You Look Younger

Alright before you inject Botox in your face or pay a surgeon to cut and pull your skin back, I want to show you 23 anti-aging foods that can boost collagen. We all want healthy vibrant, radiating, glowing skin but there’s something crucial to having this age-defying glowing skin. And the good news is if you do have some control over it as we age. We’re talking about collagen my friend but first, let’s quickly dive into why we need collagen in the first place.

As we age, the skin has many layers and if you’re not familiar with the layers let me show you exactly what the three layers are.

The outer part, epidermis contains the skin cells, the pigment, and the proteins. The middle section, the dermis contains blood vessels, nerves, hair follicles and oil glands.

The dermis provides to the epidermis. The inner layer under the dermis, the subcutaneous layer contains the sweat glands, some hair follicles, blood vessels and the fat.

Skin changes are often determined by the sun, the food that we eat,
genetic makeup, there are all types of things that define our skin will change.

Collagen is a protein used by ourselves that helps keep the skin flexible, stretchable and keep it together. Did you know there are 25 different types of collagen in the body?

And actually, twelve of those are used forthe skin. As we age, unfortunately, collagen isn’t used as effectively and you can actuallydamage your skin causing wrinkles, blemishes, sunspots, different things of that nature. The good news is there a lot of all natural ways to keep your collagen young, youthful, glowing so that your skin maintains that youthful vigor that everyone wants. The anti-agingbusiness spends billions and billions of dollars.

One of the biggest industries on this planetto keep people looking young and the good news is, is we have collagen boosting foodsright in our refrigerator and then some of our cabinets. I’m gonna show you what thosecollagen boosting foods are right here, right now.

Alright so we have 23 collagen formingfoods. First on the list is collagen in the form of the plain part by collagen, number one. We have brown flax seed, number two. Red lentils, awesome stuff. Hummus, great for collagenproduction. Chickpeas. We got a little honey.

This is my favorite honey right there. Littleof bone broth right here. Great for collagen production, there’s gelatin and fat in there. We got some red walnuts. They don’t have to be red, they can be any kind of walnutbut great for collagen production, anti-aging.

We have blueberries, unbelievable for collagen it look likes skin cells deep inside. You know you bite this thing open, hmm, all the fat in there looks like a little cell. Good stuff. We have raspberries.

Loaded with vitamin C, lots of micronutrients, great for collagen production. Here we got oranges. Vitamin C, great for collagen production as well. We got limes; we got lemons. We have, what’s this thing called? Kiwi right? Amazing for the skin.

I wonder if like the signature ofa kiwi is actually good for beards too cause its kind a look like it’s a beard. Whatdo you think? We have cabbage, great for collagen production.

Red pepper, carrots. We have sprouts. You know this is a broccoli sprouts, there’s more nutrients in a single broccoli sproutthan there is on a whole head of broccoli.

We got garlic. We got broccoli. We have alittle bit of spinach, great for collagen production. Asparagus, just like this. Wehave red kale. We got eggs just like this.

Know how to tell if an egg is good or bad? I hate to deviate but I got to show you trick here.

You take it, this is my kitchen hackright? In the middle of a Saturday Strategy I’m about to show you and when you see a thiskitchen hack, I want you to subscribe to our channel because we have a lot more kitchenhacks just for you.

it’s bad because of little packets of air formin the actual egg white and in the yolk, so it’s gonna float. If it’s right, it sinks. Ready? And it sinks, now that’s a good egg and a great kitchen hack. So that eggs forcollagen production.

We got a steak here, grass-fed of course. Greatfor collagen. Salmon, so good. Omega 3’s, loaded with enzymes and the aminos that youneed to form collagen. We have chicken, great for collagen. And green tea. This is a chaigreen tea. I got it in one of my favorite cups.

Say hello to Mr. Owl. So remember 12amino acids are the core components of the 23 collagen producing aminos and they’reall right here right now. Eat lots of this stuff and your skin will look more vibrant, it will glow, you’ll feel absolutely amazing and you’ll age gracefully and you’ll stayyoung forever.

Alright so here’s our collagen boosting juice recipe. Number one, we gota handful of cabbage. Handful of spinach. Handful of kale. This is the trifecta of awesomeness.

We got two carrots. One peeled orange. One super powerful potent lemon. I like to saylemon with a French accent, lemon.

We have two tablespoons of Great Lakes collagen. Bam! Here’s the juice recipe. Drink it, love it and rewind the hands of time like backto the future. Delicious green juice just for me and you.

This week’s juicer winner is Alicia Woody. She has been focusingon getting more vitamins and minerals on her diet through smoothies and it’s now a partof her routine. That’s great! Alicia, we’re sending you a Kuving’s juicer.

Use thisto turbocharge those vitamins and minerals and keep us posted on how great you feel. Congratulations Alicia! Alright so now that you know the 23 things and you understandhow collagen in your skin works, I just wanted to thank you so much for watching this video. Also, remember aging in large part is a lot of it in your mind.

And the more we stressedout about those grey hairs, of those fine lines and wrinkles on our faces, the fasterwe start to age. Cortisol, that stress hormone actually makes you age faster as well.

Soone thing I wanna encourage you to do is continue to look in the mirror every single day andtell yourself how beautiful you are and how much you really love you and when you do thatthose stress levels are gonna start to go down.

You’re gonna start to feel better,you’re gonna start to look better. Six months from now, people are going to come up to you and they’re going to ask what you have been doing? Because you look timeless, ageless.

Stop celebrating those birthdays and start celebrating that ageless day because we’re only here for a moment and I want you to realize how precious this time is. And when you’rein the present moment you don’t have any time to think about how old you’re looking how any lines and wrinkles you have on your face.

So start to give back to you. Start to look at how beautiful you are and stat to see others in the same light. The more we judge others, the more we’re judging ourselves.

So look within that radiating, that glowing, that beauty comes from within you. It’s not a reflection that you see in the mirror anyway, hope you enjoy this video.

So as alwaysI’m Drew Canole, remember we’re in this together, and I’ll see you next week. This perfect for Wolverine claws.


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