Wrinkle Reducing Cream For Men
Wrinkle Reducing Cream For Men

For the last couple of months, I’ve been playing with my hair color with a gray reducing shampoo, in some videos. People have been interested in that, and it’s made apparent age look different.

So I thought, next to hair color, what’s the one thing, when people see that, that they judge your age by, and I’m pretty sure number two on the list is wrinkled.

So, went over to my local Walgreen’sand said what you have got for men and wrinkles, for wrinkly men? So they recommended most highly, two products. One is L’oreal’s Men Expert Vita LiftAnti-Wrinkle and Firming.

The other is Neutrogena Men Age Fighter, sounds pretty manly. Today is the first day I’m going to be giving these a try, explain a little about how they work. What I understand, is the only ingredient in them that will probably do anything for the wrinkles, and I’ll do a one week follow up, two weeks follow up, and one month follow up to see.

Cause I’m going to use these every day, or at least however it says in the instructions, to see what it can do about the wrinkles right around my eyes.  As well as their ingredients, that will help to moisturize your skin and to make it look younger. This product doesn’t have sunscreen in it, so it’s advertised as a daily moisturizer.

The 1. 6-ounce container inside goes for about $12, I’ll link to this, down below the video. And Neutrogena Men Age Fighter also has retinol in it, but this product includes a sunscreen, so in addition to helping, supposedly, repair some previous skin damage, like wrinkles, contributed to, perhaps, by UV exposure. This one has sunscreen in it, SPF 15, so it’ll help you from picking up any more.

The 1. 4 ounces in this tube goes for about $16, and I’ll also link to this down below the video. Now other than applying sunscreen when going to the pool, or the beach, or going out for a day hiking, I’ve never used any moisturizer, wrinkle cream, or night cream, or any of those things to my face.

Pretty much throughout most of my life, I’ve had lots of UV exposure, and I have the skin to show that. If I could do it all again, I would protect my skin better, especially in my 20’s, I was really into white water rafting, back in Washington state, every weekend out on the
water and so many sunburns. But that was then, and this is now, so the question is, is there any after the fact thing you can do, once you’ve damaged your skin.

Well, some products claim that’s what they can do. These two are individually for men, women have been using products like this for a long time, and I think the only difference between these newer men’s products and the traditional women’s products is the scents that they’ve added. The women’s products smell, I don’t know Rosey or something.

Now let’s take a look at what they claim they can do on the package, and I’ll tell you about the only thing in either of these, as I understand it, will makeany change in those lines on my face. Another way to not look older, don’t wear reading glasses.

So, the Neutrogena for men, face moisturizer with sunscreen, retinol, multi-vitamins, clinically proven to reduce the look of lines, wrinkles, and helps prevent sunburn.

So it’s going to reduce the look of lines and wrinkles. Well does that mean they don’t go away? How does it reduce the look of them? Now, the L’oreal Men Expert Vita Lift Daily moisturizing cream, says it helps with the five signs of aging.

In fact, it says fights the five signs of aging, wrinkles, loss of firmness, sagging, roughness, dryness. So those are the five signs of aging, in men I guess.

This formula combines pro-retinol and par lastly, two anti-wrinkle, and anti-sagging ingredients, to provide anti-aging action. Fights the appearance of sagging on the face and neck.

Do I have that, I don’t even know what I should be worrying about. Visibly reduces the appearance of wrinkles. Again, reduces the presentation, doesn’t say it gets rid of the lines.


The L’oreal also has no further instructions included, but the device itself is kind of cool looking. It looks like a deodorant stick to me, for those hard to reach wrinkles under the arms, maybe.

Thinking how expensive this is per molecule, this is not very oily, but easy to spread the cream. There we go.

Looks pretty similar. This is the Neutrogena; this is the L’oreal.

Just a little bit of cream, oh, this has got something else going on, the L’oreal, but the Neutrogena, really there’s no smell other than just it smells like it’s a little bit of cream. I’m not sure what the scent is in this, oh, the peppermint, that’s right.

For me, to reduce my razor burn. Alright, closer than you wanted to see me, and than I wanted to be seen.

The Neutrogena Men’s is going to go on the right eye, around where I have the wrinkles,and then the L’oreal here, and as you can see,well it’s easy to see how the lines form,it’s apparently where the skin does that, when you squint or when  you close your eyes.

This is the Neutrogena; I’m not sure how much to use, I assume like a little pea-sized amount, I guess it depends on how much skin you need to cover. And since it’s expensive, you want it to last as long as possible.

I fear I have used far too much. Maybe a half pea will work. I wonder if this ever soaks in, or I’m going to look like this for a while.

We’ll see if that soaks in, I have a similar amount of the L’oreal, I figure I better use just as much, maybe when you use more, you get more results.

Gonna overdo it here, but next timeI’ll know to use a little bit less. Probably enough to cover my whole face. Well, the Neutrogena’s soaked in a small, at least doesn’t look like I just applied a whole bunch of sunscreen, but it’s still got a little bit of that shiny-ness to it.

I think the L’oreal’s the same; it’s soaking in, and not leaving the white cream on the surface of the face anymore. Well, am I looking younger yet? Supposed to take a few weeks to see results, I think I’ve read in some reviews online, that it’s at least a couple weeks before you start to look at anything with the Neutrogena, and it’d be closer to a month for the L’oreal.

But I will use both of these on the,I’ll keep track of which eye we put them on, and not in, and do this twice a day, and give you the follow-ups, again at one week, two weeks, and at a month,and you can compare them, I’ll grab screenshots from this video, and put them side by side with what you’ll see in a month.

See if it’s reduced the appearance of wrinkles. I saw an expose on the wrinkle cream industry a few years back, and their conclusion was, it was only the retinol that had any observable effect on wrinkles, in any of these products.

Doesn’t matter whether you’re spending $10 a tube, or 50, or 100, the retinol is what’s doing the work.

I will continue to use them until they’ve had a fair chance to have some effect. Then I’ll stop using them, and see how long it takes before the effect wears off.


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